About the Artist

I feel a sense of awe when viewing impossibly realistic work created with traditional mediums, which I hope to capture in my portrait and landscape drawings. I prioritize high contrast for an immediate impact and textures that can be felt by sight. The portraits I draw are often commissions, so accuracy is key in maintaining the likeness of the subject. While this means sticking close to a reference photo, my intention is to create a superior image. To accomplish this I build up the drawing in layers with a light hand, allowing me to make adjustments easily while deciding what to include, the ideal contrast, and the levels of detail. With landscapes I attempt to create a scene that is striking and full of interest, meant to be enjoyed as a whole but with a level of fine detail that rewards close study.

I also have a love for black and white images, which add a classic feel to my photorealistic and hyperrealistic art. There’s an unseen tactile world underneath the color, and my desire to create images that explore this world make the monochrome mediums of graphite, carbon, and charcoal a great fit for me.