About the Artist

I can’t even draw a stick figure. That’s what I thought until I decided to learn to draw in 2015 at the age of 34. It was love at first pencil stroke, with my new obsession fueling a dedication to spend my time drawing, learning, and experimenting. I was enamored with the depth, detail, and impossible realism that I saw in the styles of photorealism and hyperrealism, and one of my first goals was to be able to create such art. I knew the technical skill needed is very high and I welcomed the challenge. Starting with portraits and using photographs as a reference, I developed enough skill to create drawings that often look better than the photo, which allowed me to take commissions from people who had only subpar photos of their loved ones. The tears I’ve seen when presenting my work to the client has made doing portrait commissions one of the most rewarding areas of my artistic work.

Another area of focus has been highly detailed landscapes drawn with graphite, charcoal, and carbon. My preference for monochrome mediums stem from a belief that it exposes an unseen tactile world that color all too often hides. The lack of color allows texture and contrast to be the primary tools of expression. While black and white can be more challenging for the viewer, I find it’s more rewarding with longer study. To earn that study I attempt to create landscapes that immediately create a sense of awe and wonder, in hopes it encourages the viewer to stick around long enough to become immersed in the world of texture, details, and hidden surprises.

Continual learning and growth is a strong value in my life which extends to my art. Occasionally I experiment with other media and styles and want to do more of that. That plan, however, is often overshadowed by a desire to take realistic drawings with a pencil to further heights, both by pushing the limits of the medium and in pushing my imagination to create concepts outside the representational nature of realism while maintaining a photorealistic style.

Jeremy Ruppert

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