About the Artwork

My art is created with artist grade tools on archival cotton or acid-free paper, so they will last a lifetime. I draw in the style of realism, focusing on textures and contrast to create depth and details that often resembles a black and white photograph. Pencils offer a level of precision that is hard to achieve in other mediums, allowing control of the most minute details. The trade-off is it’s a very slow medium, with some drawings taking up to a hundred or more hours to complete.

Accuracy is important in realistic art, especially when capturing a person’s likeness in a portrait, so I make accuracy a top priority when creating the outline. The bulk of the work though is shading. Through experimentation I’ve learned to control multiple techniques to create different effects, but most of it involves building up the graphite slowly using many, many layers. While I like to do the majority of my work with my range of pencils, I’ll also employ the use of various blending tools.

Contrast is key to creating an eye-catching piece of art, so I make sure to create dark shadows, bright highlights, and a wide variety of mid-range values. I try to create a high level of detail in the focal areas, but also like to create enough detail in less important areas to keep the viewer interested should their eyes decide to wonder around the piece. My goal is to both attract a person’s interest at first glance, and to keep their attention during further study.

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