How to Commission a Drawing

Commissioning a drawing means I use your photo(s) as a reference to create a piece of realistic pencil art. Portraits are most common, but I do landscapes too. To learn more about the art you’ll receive click here. The process is simple and you can give as much input as you like on the finished piece.  Here I will cover the process of setting up a commission and some information on providing a quality reference photo for me to work from.

First the process. You can reach me through my contact page to begin a conversation through email, Facebook Messenger, or phone. I will have you email me the highest-resolution file you have of your photo. Once we figure out details such as cropping, size, or anything you would like to add or remove, I will quote you the exact price and estimate when you’ll receive your product. I’ll start the drawing or add it to the queue as soon as I receive payment of at least 50%. I’m happy to send you progress shots of the drawing, and when finished I’ll send you a high-resolution scan. If you’re happy with what you see I’ll ship it using USPS Priority Mail as soon as I receive final payment if you haven’t already paid in full.

Now a bit about the photo you provide. The higher the resolution the better. There’s a big difference between the original photo taken by a phone or digital camera, and one that’s been downloaded from Facebook or sent through a messenger or as a text message. These things often compress a photo, removing important details and creating a fuzzy or choppy image. Try zooming in on your photo to get an idea of it’s resolution, and if you’re not sure it’ll work I’m happy to take a look at whatever you have. The quality of the photo is important too. It doesn’t need to be professional quality, but remember I can only draw what I can see so poor lighting or blurry photos usually won’t work. Camera flash can flatten out an image so avoid that if possible.

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